4 Small Hacks for A Massive Productivity Boost



Do you wake up in the morning groggy and scattered? Do you then pick up your phone alarm, hit snooze and go back to bed? Or maybe you lay there in a pool of existential anxiety and scroll your social media feed for a good 20 minutes, hating yourself while you do it? If you are the lazy slug portrayed by this description, fear not, the mere fact that you are reading this means change is on the horizon.


Hack #1- Keep your alarm at least 10 feet from where you sleep, with a bottle of water placed directly beside it. 


Walking to your alarm will significantly decrease the odds of you hitting snooze. You are up and moving and have created the “well I’m already up” effect. At this point in the morning you probably have a bad case of cottonmouth, and a subtle headache from slight dehydration. This is where the bottle of water comes in handy. Chug that SOB, for an added kick of wakefulness and cure your dehydration. Also it kicks the digestive system into gear. Get a real alarm. Don’t sleep with your phone in the room. But… If you’re not willing to spend the 20 dollars then make sure your phone is on airplane mode with notifications turned off, a double defense against your auto-pilot response to check social media and waste those valuable morning minutes.


Hack #2- Think Through your day and write down all your must DO’s. 


What MUST you get done today? Whether it be on a white board, journal, and calendar, thinking through and writing everything you must get done in your day will immediately boost your productivity. This is simply because you have clarity of mind and direction that comes from this exercise. You know, crystal clear, that once you get A done, you have B to do, then C etc. And if you don’t do the thing, you will have that nagging feeling of guilt whispering in your ears,”You’re F#$King up” There’s that emotional leverage you need to keep you on track. 


Hack #3- Layout your clothes the night before


As mentioned in my book review about Atomic Habits, MAKE LIFE EASY FOR YOURSELF. Use the least amount of willpower on the small non-essential details of your life, so you have the energy to tackle bigger and more demanding tasks. Deciding what you will wear in the morning burns valuable will power, leading to decision making fatigue(fancy self-help jargon). Pick out what you are wearing the night before, and make the process of getting ready automatic.


Hack#4-Premake your coffee the night before


Now this hack only applies to you coffee drinkers out there. But pretty much like Hack #3, MAKE LIFE EASY FOR YOURSELF. Making coffee the night before and storing it in a mason jar in the fridge will give you a refreshing grab and go beverage and your daily dose of caffeine without all the hassle. If you like your coffee black ignore this. To add an extra kick and some mind enhancing benefits to your coffee, you can add: creatine, stevia, and ceylon cinnamon. 


Was this helpful? For more information about how you can start your day off right email me at mindcrafterblogs@gmail.com. Free Consultation. No strings attached. 


-The Mindman

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