Warning: The Darkside of Personal Development

You, stop reading. I’m serious. Stop reading this right now, whatever you do don’t look down to the next sentence. Well, if you are here already and succumbed to my pathetic attempts at reverse psychology, I guess it’s worth you staying for the rest of what I have to say.  Life is to be lived.Continue reading “Warning: The Darkside of Personal Development”

Health First: Wisdom from my 88 year old Grandmother

WISE WORDS FROM A DECENT WOMEN I asked my grandmother, “is money important?”. She responded with the english translated, “money is important. But, Health is number 1. With a healthy body and mind you can make money, but without it you can’t have anything. The capacity to live first”. Now you, as the relentless goContinue reading “Health First: Wisdom from my 88 year old Grandmother”

You Suck! Accept it.

Accepting Present Reality In order to grow, YOU MUST accept where your current life situation. This may be harsh, but feeling the pain or despair of your unfulfilled potential can be a great springboard that moves you inches closer to who you WANT to be. Now who you want to be, thats for you andContinue reading “You Suck! Accept it.”