You Suck! Accept it.

Accepting Present Reality

In order to grow, YOU MUST accept where your current life situation. This may be harsh, but feeling the pain or despair of your unfulfilled potential can be a great springboard that moves you inches closer to who you WANT to be. Now who you want to be, thats for you and only you to decide. The sad truth of the matter is that the majority of people have not thought about the life they want to live, their highest values, the principles which govern their actions, and so on. The majority of people get thrown around wherever life takes them Their beliefs, actions, values, and dreams are things they’ve picked up from other people. They are unfulfilled in their relationships, careers, purpose, etc. I’m no therapist, but if I were a betting man, I would say this is because they a) were to wrapped up in their own ego to take a hard look at themself, b) didn’t want to make the time to analyze themselves critically, and c) don’t have the cognitive ability to develop awareness due to illness or luck of the draw in which case I believe it is our societal duty to lend a helping hand with acts of human kindness (monetary, emotional, psychological). However, only if one see’s it is in their self-interest to do so, in my own web of values and principles, freedom of choice is damn near at the top. The cases of a) and b) are real tragedies of wasted potential or purposeful suffering. But I get it. Deviating from your self-image is hard. Who wants to view themselves in an unfavorable light? Also, I know tragedies occur that are outside of our control, tis the random and variable nature of human existence. With that being said, accepting present reality and striving defining one’s values, principles, moral code becomes even more necessary.

Eating My Own Cooking

So I’ve been preaching like I’m the modern day prodigal son, casting judgements thou sinners. The reality is I’m just some Chinese dude, period. As a matter of fact, the reason I’m writing and sharing is to maybe inspire one of you readers to some capacity, and also to clear my own thoughts and keep myself accountable. As the old saying goes, “when you point a finger, there are three pointing back at yourself”. Now lets check my own ego.

I am currently a University student in Northern California, with a nocturnal sleep schedule and severe youtube addiction. I’d say this addiction developed after I kicked my pornography habit, which is always looming on the horizon. My poor sleep schedule backs me into a corner and I run around in my waking hours like a headless chicken in attempt to be productive, often biting on more than I can chew. I have no income coming in, so I am mooching off my parents for food and rent, which does not do wonders for my self-esteem. Being endowed with a high dose of neuroticism and tourettes my mannerisms are comparable to the dog from Up(a real tear jerker Pixar) when he sees a squirrel.

So what now? How do I move forward? Well writing this blog is a start. For one it gives me a chance of working on SEO and a little bit of copywriting, both important tools for your income in the digital information age. I also train in Muay Thai, because it me inch closer to someone who can remain calm under extreme pressure. A quality I hope to develop to higher extents, especially as I reach my mid 30’s.  Lastly, the one habit that is non-negotiable is meditation for 1 hour. Everyday. What I need to work on is getting to bed at around 11pm. Paired with meditation, a solid sleep schedule may help ease my tourettes and neuroticism. Reading has also been a habit that I have recently found solid groove. But books are only tools to be executed. Yet, contradicting myself, I do think the act of reading can develop your focus which permeates into other aspects of your life. I’ll probably be able to draw a clearer relationship between focus and reading with a little more self experimentation.

Possible Solutions

Did you do some self-reflection? Good. Now that you admitted to yourself that you are capable of more, now it’s time for you you to decide what you do want in life. Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 20, years? What will your life look like? On top of those questions, it may also be useful to derive a code of conduct under extreme situations, a common practice of Stoic philosophers. Ask yourself, how will I behave when faced with extreme social pressure and temptation, i.e. drugs, unprotected sex, conforming to something that isn’t YOU? What will I do in the face of tragedy, how will I conduct myself? For example, a second holocaust occurs(don’t mean to be extreme) will you succumb to the social pressures of the government and most of society to discriminate, or are you willing to be an outcast or potentially die for your moral code? Coming up with answers to these questions aren’t time consuming they’ll take around 30 minutes 1 hour at most. Next think of the habits and actions that the version of yourself you aspire to be will engage in. It’s okay if you don’t have the whole picture, even if it is something small, like the cliche “make your bed every-morning”. The small stuff adds up. No matter what rut your in right now, have faith that the small stuff adds up, and through your OWN actions you can pull yourself out of it. One common habit among most people who have achieved their definition of good is reading. To start off I highly recommend the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. Succinct, to the point, and instantly applicable the book drops nuggets of wisdom that will help you change for the better. Even if it is just 2 pages a day start, small. I will also be doing a book review and summary of Atomic Habits, so tune in if you. Moral of the story, be honest with yourself and sit down for like 30 minutes to 2 hours to think this stuff through. 2 hours is the price you pay for a more fulfilled and productive life. It only takes 2.

If you enjoyed reading my content, I will be posting at-least twice a week. I also do copywriting and advertisement work, so if you found my writing compelling and need some help with your personal brand or business, please feel free to email me at for a free consultation. Until next time you upstanding individuals (only half disingenuous), but I am proud of you for reading this, you wouldn’t be here if you did not expect more from yourself.


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